Download the Best Freeware Backgammon Game

A good backgammon game with a superior interface and good graphics is not easy to find. If we are talking about freeware that you can download, then this search might be quite impossible. But there are still a few shades of light that are falling on this grand search. Let us find out if the freeware homepages where you can download a backgammon game are really worth it.

There are millions of freeware pages in the internet that promise that you can download your backgammon game for free. And typically human, we never accept a generous offer, so what is really the catch? The catch about freeware and a free download is that the actual games are not the full versions. In the backgammon game case, we would most probably only get a trail version that would last let us say an hour which after expiration cannot be played anymore, unless you buy the full version. This is what makes freeware so useless most of the time, because the providers actually but a time limit on their freeware download.

There are also other problems which you might encounter when trying to download a backgammon game which was labeled freeware. Either you are downloading the oldest backgammon game software there is with an interface that seems like you are using MSDos or something similar or you are downloading a game that can only be played online. Another grave problem when you are downloading games that might contain a virus, so be very cautious.

So let us present the only providers who provide a safe freeware download and the actual full versions for your backgammon game. These providers are Lime Wire, Kazaa, and Bit Torrent, out of which the safest and best provider is Bit Torrent. In Bit Torrent you are downloading from a number of different people. So let us assume you have the specific name and publisher of the backgammon game you want to have. First you have to search for it on Torrent sites such as or and then you take a good look at the results. There are different numbers and bars that are going to pop up. The first and most important one is the Seed Number. A seed indicates how many times a hit has been downloaded. This also indicated that your game is a full version and a good one too.

The next indicator is a bar that can be either full or empty. The colors green and red indicate if the download might be infected. Then we also have the reviews and ratings which also indicate the quality of the backgammon game. Once you decide to click on the ready to upload button, it will take some time and you will be provided with files which explain how to install the game. And only then will you have the best freeware backgammon game that you can download.