Backgammon Four-Three Opening Roll Best Options

The four-three opening roll gives a lot of options, which makes this backgammon opening roll really interesting. And, there isn't even a clear favorite among the probable plays for this opening roll. There are also different approaches that we can use in backgammon.

We can either choose a split play, or a build play, or a split and build play, just select a play or approach that suits your playing style in backgammon. An approach to this opening roll can be conservative in nature, while others can be quite aggressive, yet are approaches that incorporate both a conservative approach with a tint of aggression and threat.

The best options for this opening roll are the following opening plays: 24/21 24/20, 13/10 13/9, 24/20 13/10, and 24/21 13/9. Let's have a quick look at these plays for the four-three opening roll.

Doing 24/21 13/9 is takes on a balanced toward the four-three opening roll. This play uses the three to split the back checkers to a relatively safer position on the backgammon board. The four is used to bring a checker down to the nine-point. This is a great place to land a builder since this position will easily make a point on your home board with the added help of the backgammon checkers on the six-point and the eight-point.

Doing 24/20 13/10 in the opening roll is another split and build play. This backgammon play favors slotting your opponent's five-point (i.e. by doing 24/20), which is a strategic position in backgammon. This backgammon play takes an aggressive approach and challenges your opponent regarding control over the 20-point. The blot on the 10-point is quite safe and is useful for building home board points, but not as effective as the nine-point position on the backgammon board.

Another option we have for this opening roll is doing 13/10 13/9. This opening play takes priority on making points on your home board early in the game. With the nine-point, you can already expect to make a home board point on your next turn. The same will also go for the backgammon checker positioned on the 10-point.

With this backgammon play, you threaten to close out your opponent's runners really early in the game. This result may even seem to be inevitable since you really have a great coverage of your inner and outer board.

Doing 24/21 24/20 in the opening roll is otherwise called a double split. You threaten to run both checkers to safety in the next turn giving you a good running game. Chances are you'll escape one runner and get one hit get both hit, either case you'll be competing for effective positions or escape and initiate a backgammon running game.

Each backgammon play takes on different approaches and there is no clear favorite among these plays. These are the best plays for an opening roll four-three, just choose the one that fits your backgammon strategy.