Basic Tips In Playing Backgammon

Backgammon is a two-player game with a playing board made up of points. These points are twenty four narrow triangles which are illustrated on the board and these are the places where the chips are held in place. To play Backgammon, chips are colored red and white. Players may choose which color coded chips they would like to have as they play the game. In addition, each player also has his own dice cup for shaking the dice within it. However, the dice is not like any other normal dice used for game play. The numerals found on it are as follows: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64. The dice serves its purpose as a means of keeping track of the current game.

Players must be able to move their respective checkers towards their own home base and then bear off each checker which manages to reach the home base. To play backgammon well, this would be the focal point. The first one who manages to bear off all checkers would be named as the Backgammon winner.

Throwing off the dice is how backgammon is played. Doing this helps determines how many numbers must be played. Both players need to roll again if the number shown on the dice happens to be similar numerals. However, if they manage to roll different numbers, the player who was able to throw the higher numeral should respond by moving his respective chips based on the total of both numbers displayed on the rolled dice. This serves as the starting point of the game and turn taking then follows as each player roll both dice.

Generally speaking, the dice indicates how the Backgammon checkers would be played the points on the board. The checkers must be moved forward and onto a lesser amount of point. However, only open points are the ones which can be filled up by a currently moving chip in playing Backgammon. The player can also opt to use his number combinations in any way he feels more beneficial to him, so long as the points he occupies are all considerably open and would not overlap with the opponent's chips or even his own. A point which is currently occupied is called a blog and is specifically important in playing Backgammon.

To play Backgammon means using strategies such as "bearing off". This can already called in favor of the player who happens to move all fifteen of his chips towards his home base. This is done by rolling the dice and then the number which appears would be the point on the board to be targeted. If any chips are currently played on the targeted point, all of them should be removed. Strategies are very much in use to play Backgammon effectively.